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Oil & Gas

Well-oiled supply chain

The Oil & Gas industry is becoming more competitive by the day. Volatile prices and ever-shifting demands necessitate an extremely high level of process control. The first step to increasing the efficiency of your production process is locating value leaks. After the identification process, solutions tailored to your situation need to be developed and tested. Finally, in order to maintain oversight and optimize adaptability, an over-arching architecture must be implemented.

A fully connected supply chain can provide you with the information and flexibility you need to stay competitive. End-to-end connectivity is what Industry 4.0 is all about.

Why you need
leaner facilities

Oil or gas? Offshore or onshore? Upstream or downstream? The Oil & Gas industry is changing everywhere, that much is certain. But what exactly are the challenges the Oil & Gas industry is facing today?

The prices and demand in the Oil & Gas industry are subject to countless internal and external influences

Stringent governmental & environmental regulations slow down the production process

Downtime is more expensive in the Oil & Gas industry than in any other segment

Deep underground, Difficult to drill and Distant from existing sites

And how INDEFF
can help you succeed

But how can the hydrocarbons industries tackle all of these challenges? By managing production processes as efficiently as possible. Thanks to INDEFF’s experience in automation, MES and IIoT, we can help you:

Extensive data and automated responses quicken your reaction time and facilitate well-informed decision-making

The Industrial Internet of Things introduces a level of connectivity that enables proactive measures such as predictive maintenance

With a tailored MES approach we can reduce energy consumption, increase productivity and make sure you are compliant with every regulation in the book

Extending the life of wells and increasing efficiency at the same time is not easy, yet a fully-connected supply chain will do just that

“What I love about my job? Working together with local experts to find the best solution, whatever the issue.”

Acheikh Youssef, Automation Engineer

Proven competence

To face the challenges of tomorrow, you need a partner that can assist you today. INDEFF has gathered extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry over many years.

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