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Industrial Automation

The Automation Era

Industrial automation has become a necessity in the modern age of manufacturing. Automated sequences control ever larger parts of the production process. And that’s a good thing. Why?

Optimal production

PLCs, SCADA or a combination of automation systems. These tools make thousands of factories run every day. Automatically.

Process knowledge

Optimizing production processes is not just about the design of your models. It requires a fluid exchange and creation of knowledge.

Safety first

Transfer hazardous tasks from human hands to robotic arms. Extreme temperatures or toxic environments no longer form insurmountable obstacles.

Control the process

Creating a factory that runs automatically cannot be done without extensive process control. That is why most companies are already sharing knowledge and automating processes. Delaying this transition will surely result in the loss of competitive advantage. So what is the best plan of action? Tap into outside expertise, start innovating as soon as possible and automate your production process.

How INDEFF can help you

INDEFF always strives to get the most efficient production out of your plant. We specialize in setting up the optimal sequence of PLCs, implementing SCADA systems and guiding you towards an overarching automation strategy.

Plant-wide industrial automation has become a necessity. But where to start? What are the possibilities for your manufacturing plant? And how can you achieve the highest possible ROI?

Learn about the possibilities for your industry.

“To really take charge of an automation project, you have to immerse yourself 100%.”

Jose Eufracio, Automation Engineer

Automated batch production

Discover how we automated Janssen Pharmaceutica’s entire production process.

A healthy manufacturing process

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