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Enhanced connectivity

Infrastructure is at the foundation of our entire economy. Highways, power lines, and sewers connect value chains to a global framework. So when those chains go through fundamental changes — IIoT, for instance — the surrounding infrastructure must follow.

Upgrading to modern standards, however, can be a costly affair. The results need to lasts for decades to come, so it’s crucial to consider optimizing efficiency from the start. In this regard, controlling many separate processes from a single, central location offers plenty of benefits. Discover how INDEFF built a process control room for Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland that allowed water treatment to be monitored and controlled in real-time at one location.

Structural weaknesses

Often treated as sink-holes, infrastructure projects are essential to the economy. And since those projects are often funded by government budgets, future-proofing them is a requirement. Proceed with a solid IIoT strategy, or you could encounter:

Entire economies lean on continued mobility and flexibility. Infrastructure projects need to be carefully planned and timed

Predictive analysis is a bare necessity to combat unpleasant surprises. Especially when infrastructure projects deal with finite resources

An overwhelming abundance of data and separate control points make systems overly complicated and unreliable

Choosing the cheapest, short-term solutions every time leads to flexibility issues in the future. Infrastructure around the world needs innovation

Rely on a strong core

A solid infrastructural framework boosts both societal and economic activities. And to make sure that the foundations remain solid, you need to strive for these goals:

Create a library of reusable components to unlock new levels of centralized information management

Public transport, power grids or waste management: today’s growing urbanization requires complex networks. And they need to be safe, sustainable and on time

Single data points facilitate the use of data and analytics. These systems help operators to assess situations faster and react more accurately

Limit energy consumption to guarantee your enterprise will be a success in years to come

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Mahesh Palur Krishnaiah, Automation Engineer

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