Countless parts. One flow.

Petroleum Development Oman

One system. One platform.

Oil & Gas management

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is a major exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. PDO has made Oil & Gas its core business since its inception in 1967. With more than 2,600 kilometers of pipelines and a host of different automation systems, PDO struggled to achieve optimal oversight at all times. It quickly became clear that operators could no longer manage the jungle displays. Uniform modernization quickly became a top priority – and that’s what we do best.

Standardized SCADA solution

The cooperation between PDO and INDEFF had one overarching goal: replacing the existing SCADA systems with a consistent and standardized solution – connected to the existing DCS/PLC networks, databases, and OPC servers. Quite a challenge, especially taking into account the gigantic size and broad functionality required.

Resourceful automation

INDEFF’s custom SCADA solution for PDO is based on the automatic generation of objects, data, and screens. Thorough testing through a Site Acceptance Test and pre-SAT simulation indicated an excellent outcome. As a result, PDO operators now use identical procedures on a daily basis, have fewer manual interactions and a less repetitive workload. Essential in the entire project was the balance between flexibility and quality needed for PDO to reach maximum efficiency.

The INDEFF approach

A uniform SCADA layer for all control systems mediates and prevents the loss of oversight. With that objective in mind, the INDEFF engineers started to create a SCADA solution for more than 70 separate stations – that means over 10,000 screens and 1,000,000 tags. Our team cooperated closely with PDO Operations on site to formulate clear and ambitious targets:

  • Operational standards independent of the control systems
  • A general process overview that filters critical information
  • Rationalized alarms and reports to optimize the information flow
  • Engineering toolkits and equipment templates


  • Replace existing SCADA solutions with a modern, user-friendly solution
  • Construct a centralized management tool for decentralized production
  • Guarantee consistency and standardization
  • Secure and improve safety KPI’s


  • Enormous size – more than 5,000 oil and gas wells
  • Connection with existing DCS/PLC systems
  • Variety of previously implemented systems


  • One platform, one strategy: performance parameters indicate a bright future
  • Reduced downtime thanks to centralization of critical alarms
  • Consistent overview of oil and gas production with local, regional and corporate scope
  • Less human mistakes thanks to a uniform system for all operators

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