Countless parts. One flow.


The INDEFF way

INDEFF offers a myriad of competences that can be implemented separately, but operate optimally when combined. The common theme? Efficient production. Our goal is to make your processes run as smoothly as possible.

Tailor-made solutions, extra support or on-demand workshops. We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. And we can prove it, too.

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Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things connects machines, systems and processes to create intelligent, autonomous networks. These networks are better at detecting inefficiencies and formulating solutions than any human operator.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems allow you to monitor industrial operations in real-time. The resulting flow of information enhances your level of control and flexibility. Improve process efficiency and production output in one stroke.

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Industrial Automation

Plant-wide industrial automation has become a necessity. INDEFF specializes in process knowledge and setting up the optimal sequence of PLCs, implementing SCADA systems or providing an overarching strategy.

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