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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Increase production flexibility, quality & uptime

Manufacturing Execution Systems allow you to monitor and log industrial operations in real-time. The resulting flow of information gives you the insight you need to optimize production flows and develop a sound strategy for reaching operational excellence.

As an experienced integrator, INDEFF customizes and implements the AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System portfolio in production sites across the world. As the AVEVA portfolio keeps evolving, we can deliver the latest innovations directly to you while guaranteeing excellent reliability and support.


Holistic production optimization

A well-integrated Manufacturing Execution System reduces production costs, improves quality, increases uptime and upgrades flexibility. How exactly can we help you achieve all that?

Lean manufacturing

Embrace lean manufacturing and optimize inventory levels and production logistics

Global flexibility

Identify bottlenecks and establish best practices thanks to OEE and downtime logs. Monitor your production processes across the world

Real-time information

Access product specifications, work schedules & instructions, material traceability and everything else in one place, all the time

Keep your smart factory simple

Whether we’re working for SMEs or large enterprises, MES projects tend to get complicated. At INDEFF, we like to keep it simple. That’s why we follow the 80/20 rule.

That means we try to cover 80% of your MES requirements with our standardized AVEVA libraries and templates to ensure a fast, reliable and top-quality integration. All of our engineers are AVEVA experts and can guarantee the stable and long-term support of your MES solution.

In the last 20%, our developers focus on custom adjustments to get the absolute most out of your production plant(s).

We can deliver your MES solution in 50 days

That’s right, just 50 days from functional analysis to factory acceptance testing.

INDEFF’s unique 80/20 philosophy in combination with the highly modular AVEVA portfolio means we can hit the ground running. We vigorously prepare a concrete plan of action for every project.

Curious what we can do for you? Learn about the possibilities for your industry.


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