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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Adapt in real-time

Do you want complete control over all your processes, all the time? Manufacturing Execution Systems allow you to monitor industrial operations in real-time. The resulting flow of information organically increases your level of oversight and flexibility.


Production optimization

Better control over your production assets and more flexibility to adjust to a volatile market are just two of the benefits of a customized Manufacturing Execution System. Both Management and Operations profit from reduced production costs & improved profitability. And don’t forget about a consistently higher quality product. But how exactly can MES help you achieve all that?

Here & now

Access product specifications, work schedules & instructions, material traceability and everything else in one place, all the time.

Lean & mean

Embrace lean manufacturing and optimize inventory levels and production logistics.

Read & adjust

Identify bottlenecks, establish best practices and standardize your processes thanks to Overall Equipment Effectiveness and downtime logs.

Do you need MES?

Do you want your production to automatically adjust to market demands? In short? Yes. MES provides the oversight & flexibility necessary to optimize your efficiency. Tailor-made Manufacturing Execution Systems help you analyze current production processes and develop a scientifically sound strategy for improvement.

Inventory velocity, the predictability of order fulfillment or customer satisfaction. There is always something that can run smoother to increase profitability. But how? There is only one answer: fully-integrated automation. And that is exactly what we do best.

How INDEFF can help you

Manufacturing Execution Systems allow you to monitor industrial operations in real-time. Combined with your ERP, MES quickly becomes the beating heart of your production facility. As an Industrial Automation expert and endorsed Wonderware-partner, INDEFF has gathered decades of expertise and completed hundreds of large-scale projects.

Curious what we can do for you? Learn about the possibilities for your industry.

“The integration of your ERP and MES is crucial to increasing global efficiency.”

Roy Donck, MES Engineer

Conquering the Summit

Discover how we automated FrieslandCampina’s entire production process.

The bridge between ERP and MES

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