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Food & Beverage

A taste of success

The Food & Beverage industry is a very competitive segment, highly dependent on efficiency and flexibility. Revenue is determined by popular demand, seasonal production and population growth. As smaller Food & Beverage companies consolidate into ever larger congolmerates, it is difficult to maintain control over the entire production process. Stability is hard to find, right?

Wrong. With a data-driven approach and a fully connected supply chain, every F&B company can grow in a sustainable way and benefit from the enormous opportunities in this industry. Growth markets, new packaging possibilities or consumer-focused labeling, the future of the Food & Beverage industry is ripe for the picking.

Challenges for a healthy industry

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Just like every industry in the global economy, Food & Beverage is faced with certain challenges that are hard to overcome without:

Consumer tastes change fast. You need to be able to prototype, test and launch as fast as possible

Governmental regulations are becoming more stringent every year. Proper personnel & food safety and waste disposal management are paramount

Globalization has finally reached the Food & Beverage industry. That means tougher competition, shorter deadlines and more complex supply chains

Look into the future

Adaptability, accountanility and universality are great ambitions, but how can a Food & Beverage company realistically reach such lofty goals? Thanks to our extensive experience in process control and supply chain management, INDEFF can assist you by delivering tailor-made MES or IIoT solutions. Our competences will allow you to:

Extensive data and automated decision chains shorten your reaction time and facilitate fast decision-making

A fully connected supply chain and MES-powered batch control give you an overview of your resources’ entire trajectory

A flexible MES approach can automate quality management and guarantee you are compliant with all regulatory requirements

Trace materials throughout your extended supply chain thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things

“The integration of your ERP and MES is crucial to increasing global efficiency.”

Roy Donck, MES Engineer

Our bread and butter

INDEFF has realized its largest automation projects in the Food & Beverage industry. As a result, INDEFF possesses an up-to-date understanding of all processes involved.

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