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Asset Performance Management

Increase your equipment and asset uptime

Asset Performance Management helps you improve the reliability and availability of physical assets throughout your production process. Connected by the Industrial Internet of Things, APM gathers, transmits and interprets data to help you increase the uptime of all your equipment.

As an experienced APM solutions provider, INDEFF customizes and implements the AVEVA APM portfolio in production sites across the world. This software portfolio allows you to get the most out of your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Improved asset performance

APM turns raw data into business intelligence. Your workforce has access to data on every process, allowing them to make informed decisions.

By bridging the gap between engineering, operations and maintenance, APM gives you the maximum return on asset investments. With minimum unexpected downtime, operational risks and maintenance costs.

Information availability

Low-cost smart sensors deliver standardized data sets on asset health and performance. The data is easy to interpret and provides your employees with actionable insights. Wherever they are.

Minimize operational risk

Condition monitoring and asset integrity management improve your reaction speed, ensure less costly downtime and help creating a safer work environment.

Maximize asset reliability

APM-powered predictive – and even prescriptive – maintenance leads you to operational excellence.

Cost-saving strategies – powered by APM

In the end, your asset performance depends on their maximum availability and their ability to run at the ideal capacity. APM provides you with the right information to avoid downtime and to keep your assets – and processes – running smoothly.

  • Proactive maintenance: Harness the power of AI to predict failures before they happen. And to plan maintenance in the most efficient way. The system will even provide you with scenario-based guidance to prevent future failures.
  • Get the picture: Help your employees gain new insights with powerful and user-friendly visualization tools.
  • Augmented Reality: Mobile applications and AR-guided maintenance procedures help your workforce tackle any situation.
  • Digital twin: A digital twin of your factory allows you to see every asset and process in context. Your digital factory provides you with a secure testing ground for new maintenance and optimization strategies.

Tailor-made solutions, from the board room to the factory floor

INDEFF helps you find the APM applications that are right for your company and will yield the optimum ROI. Our focus on the AVEVA portfolio means we can hit the ground running. We come prepared with a concrete plan of action and all necessary information to guide you through the process. Step by step. No theoretical discussions, no surprises in the middle of the project.

INDEFF prides itself in a very honest, direct and practical way of working – a true automation partner. Once implemented, APM solutions will give your employees a thorough understanding of your facility, from the board room to the factory floor. The system provides them with clear, actionable insights for maintenance strategies that will maximize your assets ROI.

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Making ground-breaking research happen

Discover how we collaborated with imec.icon and Ghent University to develop a low-cost, low-intrusive APM solution.

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