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Life Sciences

Healthy manufacturing practices

Life sciences companies are systematically subjected to the strictest of governmental regulations. As a result, compliance issues are priority #1 in the industry. All for the best, considering the potential impact of bad quality management on human lives. Additionally, brand damage could be gigantic if things go wrong with flagship products.

Recent requirements for record keeping and serialization increased the need for exhaustive traceability. And don’t forget about Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Standard Operating Procedure & Electronic Batch Records. In short? Life sciences companies need to be able to control it all, at once. And INDEFF can help you with that.

Why you need a fully connected supply chain

Biotechnology, medical devices or pharmaceutical? The entire life sciences industry faces similar challenges.

Regulatory requirements are the biggest challenge for the entire Life sciences industry

The slightest error or delay could prove fatal for clients and businesses

A global shift towards more collaborative business creates shifting market conditions

Whenever a patent is filed, production needs to catch up to market demand. Fast.

How INDEFF can help you succeed

Compliance is not enough to make sure your Life Sciences company stays profitable. INDEFF’s customized solutions can help you achieve end-to-end process control and automatic quality management. Thanks to our experience in automation, MES and IIoT, we can help you in many different ways:

With a tailored MES approach we can automate quality management and guarantee you are compliant with all regulatory requirements

A fully connected supply chain inevitably helps you locate and solve weak spots in your manufacturing process

Integrate end-to-end validation of production processes and make sure that you produce high-quality output

Traceability was never more important than today. INDEFF can help you trace materials throughout your production process

“Efficiency helps save lives. And every detail counts, so you have to pay attention.”

Kristof Baji, Automation Engineer

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INDEFF can help you face the pharmaceutical challenges of tomorrow.

But don’t take our word for it.

Improving Janssen Pharmaceutica’s manufacturing process

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