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Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 has arrived

The Industrial Internet of Things connects machines, systems and processes to create intelligent, autonomous networks. Waste, downtime and human errors are quickly becoming things of the past.


Knowledge is power

Smart factories are better than human beings at detecting inefficiencies and formulating solutions. That’s a fact. The entire process depends on the Industrial Internet of Things to connect machinery and create lines of communication. The resulting network of machines and processes can react to circumstances faster than any human operator. But how does it work?

1. Assess

Low-cost sensors measure every relevant variable. That means standardized data sets from every process, everywhere

2. Analyze

All gathered data is instantly stored in the cloud. So you have access to every byte of information when and where you need it

3. Execute

Program automatic responses to even the slightest of changes. Improve workflow management and construct a truly connected enterprise

Future-proof your business

Monitor the quality of your product in transit, enjoy predictive maintenance or program self-driving forklifts to deliver raw materials when needed. The possibilities are endless. Have you considered machine learning for complex processes? The real prize comes when you bring all data together in one overarching system — a series of value chains that can control each other autonomously. But where to start?

How INDEFF can help you

INDEFF has valued innovation and automation from the beginning. That is why we chose to be an early adopter of the Industrial Internet of Things. Cheap connectivity, fast standardization, and automatic responses create business opportunities for every vertical. Why wait for the inevitable when your business can profit today?

As an Aveva partner, we have gathered extensive experience in the implementation of IIoT applications. INDEFF started training reliable Industrial Internet of Things experts long ago, so we can help you today, and tomorrow.

Curious what we can do for you? Learn about the possibilities for your industry.

The Industrial Internet of Things connects your entire surroundings to extract information and increase efficiency.

Steven De Lausnay, IIoT Developer

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The Industrial Internet of Things connects machines, systems and processes to create intelligent, autonomous networks.

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