Countless parts. One flow.


A brand new line of niche PLCs

The benefits of long-term collaboration

Unilever’s ice cream production plant in Hellendoorn, the Netherlands, urgently needed a higher production capacity. Thankfully, one of our Automation Engineers had been working for Unilever for many years. Together with his INDEFF colleagues, he adeptly designed the new production line in no time. What makes it special? The use of ACCOS PLCs.

Back to the future: soft PLCs

ACCOS is a unique type of soft PLC that was developed by APV (SPX) and is designed to turn a computer into a fully functional and programmable logic controller. The ACCOS PLCs, however, didn’t quite reach mainstream adoption. A lack of global commercial backing hindered the incredibly easy to program and install PLC.

Developing even more exceptional ACCOS-skills

After 6 months, the new ice cream production line in Unilever was running smoothly. With soft PLCs. The ultimate proof of INDEFF’s unique capabilities in setting up ACCOS PLCs. And we’re training new ones to keep up with market demand. Thanks to the soft PLCs simplicity and user-friendliness, our Automation Engineers have no difficulties picking up new ACCOS-competences.

Setting up a new line with ACCOS PLCs

Why choose ACCOS PLCs then, you ask? As it turns out, ACCOS PLCs are extremely easy to program and very reliable in production environments. Additionally, a number of larger production facilities already use the soft PLCs and like to continue using the same system. And that is exactly what happened in Unilever Hellendoorn. INDEFF was able to install that line without delay or interference thanks to ACCOS’ flexibility and modular design.


  • Set up a new line of ice cream production
  • Share specific expertise for continuous support
  • Guarantee production at all times


  • Coordinate with third-party suppliers
  • Gather the specific expertise required
  • Complete the project within 6 months


  • Up-and-running production line with ACCOS PLCs
  • 24/7 support thanks to INDEFF
  • Project completion within half-year

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