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Tamaris Hidro

A powerful flow of information

Sustainable energy growth

The Indonesian economy has recorded strong growth over the past few decades. The expansion has been accompanied by a sharp increase in demand for energy, as well as spikes in greenhouse gas emissions. Tamaris Hidro, a leader in hydropower generation, is helping Indonesia meet its green energy goals. Their greatest challenge is bridging technology and operational gaps between legacy facilities and more recent plants.

Tamaris Hidro partnered with INDEFF to bring all geographically dispersed operations under one single operating scheme. Together we deployed INDEFF’s revolutionary centralized control room SCADA solution.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, applied

INDEFF’s mission was to provide Tamaris Hydro with a robust Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition solution that offers cutting-edge modernization, real-time data acquisition, remote monitoring, harmonized control, and automated reporting. Simultaneously keeping the total cost of ownership low by using INDEFF’s proven project delivery methodology:

  1. On-site investigation & data acquisition
    Which systems are used? And how can we construct a single, comprehensive interface?
  1. Re-engineering
    Construct a SCADA design for the entire plant, based on Tamaris Hidro’s KPIs
  1. Visionary control
    Installing the new SCADA layer, visualizing all information in a Central Control Room, and preparing operators to take over control

Naturally, our uniform SCADA solution includes automated reporting. In short? INDEFF helped Tamaris Hidro gather information, visualize production flows, improve control and provide accurate reporting. All of it ready to be rolled out, thanks to our solution’s ultimate re-usability.

Moving forward

Multiple locations, in remote areas: the scope of the project came with a few logistical challenges. The same challenges that Tamaris Hidro experiences in managing these sites. However, INDEFF is able to install its solution in every location. That way we can provide Tamaris Hidro with the control and accountability it needs to keep growing at a steady pace.

Safe & standardized interface

In Tamaris Hydro’s new Central Control Room, one operator can monitor multiple sites and perform multiple actions at once. To provide this operator with the information needed, simplicity is of the essence. Only essential information must be displayed, and in a calm, ergonomic manner, at that.

Additionally, it is essential to accurately map all machines and operators present in every hydropower plant to create a standardized library and automation standards for future use.


  • Real-time data acquisition and remote monitoring
  • Central Control Room with centralized alarming capabilities
  • Fully-automated reporting protocols


  • Remote locations in difficult terrain
  • Connection with existing DCS/PLC systems
  • Variety of previously implemented systems


  • One platform, one overview
  • Detailed information on each hydropower plant
  • Automatic reporting of all processes
  • Remote control over local operations

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