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More quality quark

Introducing: a new line

Lactalis is a large dairy corporation. The French multi-national acquired a new production facility in Sweden and wanted to setup a quark line as soon as possible. Lactalis asked INDEFF to integrate and automate the new production line. Within the established company-wide automation standards, of course. Thanks to our extensive experience in the dairy sector, the project went smoothly and INDEFF received congratulations from the Lactalis executives.

Integrating a black box

The first step of most projects is to design an accurate technical drawing of all elements in the production process. In this case, one of these elements was a complex separator. The only information INDEFF could consult was the input it needs, and the output it delivers. Thanks to our extensive dairy experience, however, we knew what to expect.

A success story

In the end, there were almost no hiccups. Our team met the deadline with ease and integrated the production line with only one or two minor adjustments during the Site Acceptance Test.

Keeping an overview

As is common with such large projects, INDEFF had to coordinate with a number of external suppliers. Based on our starting document, the cooperation went smoothly and was highly productive. Wonderware, ABB SattLine and Siemens: each had to fit perfectly within the company-wide automation methodology.


  • Integrate a new production line
  • Work within the existing automation standards
  • Meet ambitious deadlines


  • Develop & customize MES interface with Wonderware Application Server
  • Coordinate with different external partners
  • Deal with various black boxes


  • Production is up and running
  • Personal congratulations from Lactalis executives
  • On time and on target

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