Countless parts. One flow.


Creating harmony in hardware

Stability and/or innovation?

DSM is a Dutch multinational active in the fields of health, nutrition, and materials. In Delft, DSM uses ACCOS PLCs throughout its production plant. Due to a potential overdependence on certain suppliers, however, the multinational ordered a study into the effects of a switch to Siemens PLCs. In the end, they decided not to migrate because of potential costs and downtime. And rightly so, because the ACCOS PLCs are still performing exceptionally well – thanks to INDEFF.

A wide variety of ACCOS-powered projects

Two dedicated INDEFF Automation Engineers execute a large variety of automation projects at DSM in Delft – from general production optimization over alarm procedures for operators to energy-saving innovations. At the core of these projects? Reprogramming the ACCOS soft PLCs. And when projects grow bigger, DSM asks for extra INDEFF reinforcements.

Expanding our exceptional ACCOS-skills

Continuity is the main objective of DSM in Delft. And thanks to ACCOS PLCs, downtime is very limited – even though the equipment is in need of an upgrade. Lighter code, fewer errors, quick fixes – no wonder we cherish our ACCOS expertise and are actively developing it across our Automation Engineers.

Phased integration of a new electrical installation

The hardware in production plant in Delft has become slightly outdated, so DSM decided to replace their old ACCOS IOs with new Siemens IO models that are fully compatible with the ACCOS PLCs. INDEFF approached the project with due caution since replacing old hardware in a mature environment can have costly consequences. Based on a phased approach, INDEFF engineers supported the electrical engineers who replaced almost all IO cabinets without causing any unexpected downtime.


  • Guarantee production continuity in an aging production plant
  • Replace old ACCOS IOs with a phased approach
  • Continuously optimize production efficiency


  • Gather the specific ACCOS expertise required
  • Innovate within the confines of an outdated production site
  • Coordinate with third-party suppliers


  • Fully integrated new IOs (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, …)
  • 24/7 support thanks to INDEFF Automation Engineers
  • Expanding ACCOS-expertise

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