Countless parts. One flow.


Global rubber recipe management

Forming a strategic partnership

The production process of system-critical elastomer components starts by mixing pure rubber with other substances. After the mixture is extruded, formed, washed and coated, it is fit for medical and specialized applications around the world.

The cooperation between Datwyler and INDEFF – which started in 2008 – has proven to be a driving force behind a global standardization process. Additionally, Datwyler is integrating a new version of SAP and INDEFF is responsible for connecting the new production systems.

Flexible & accessible automation

The SAP upgrade project is a golden opportunity for Datwyler to replace the existing MES and SCADA production systems with a new standardized solution. For the existing (legacy) systems, only a limited number of experts had the necessary know-how and expertise.

Global partnership. Local cooperation.

Because of blossoming strategic partnership between the 2 companies, INDEFF invested heavily in this project. The opening of a new INDEFF office in the US is a prime example of this and has enabled the expansion of Datwyler’s new production facility to start early.

Empowering expansion

The new, Wonderware-powered solution provides Datwyler with a fixed standard which enables faster expansion capabilities and better production efficiency. The project has already expanded far beyond the Belgian plant in Alken, to production sites in India, Italy and brand-new facilities in the United States.


  • Production facility expansion in the US and India
  • Replace the legacy MES layer
  • Seamless integration with ERP
  • Standardized recipe management


  • Untangling the complexity of legacy systems
  • Coordinating with numerous third parties


  • Larger production capacity and flexibility, which can grow along with the demand
  • Standardized recipe management and production processes throughout the world
  • Increased production efficiency

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