Countless parts. One flow.

Beaulieu International Group

Local cooperation, global results

Combined MES proficiency

Beaulieu is an international manufacturer of raw materials, intermediate goods, and finished floor coverings. As an early adopter of automation systems and MES solutions, Beaulieu engaged in a close and sustainable cooperation with a team of dedicated INDEFF engineers. The team of MES experts continue working with Beaulieu’s global ICT department to execute international automation and maintenance projects.

Batch management patch

Beaulieu’s global growth and expansion necessitated a series of new, local functionalities. Machine parameters, for instance, depend on the supplier and his product. Today, the necessary knowledge to produce consistent batches is present only in a couple of human experts. Hence, automated batch management would drastically raise production quality, validation knowledge, and knowledge protection.

Consider your options

INDEFF’s expert advice was to start over with a new, standardized MES package. Why? Because it would make global implementation a lot more efficient and support future expansions. A new global architecture has been approved by the board and the implementation is being prepared. Meanwhile, INDEFF engineers continue working together with their Beaulieu colleagues to keep current automation projects running smoothly.

The need for MES

In order to determine the right plan of action, INDEFF cooperated with Schneider Electric’s Wonderware to conduct a series of workshops at Beaulieu HQ. The transition from local automation initiatives to global efficiency projects required serious consideration and a well thought out plan of action. Should we keep building on a customized solution or start over with a global Wonderware-approach?



  • Manage legacy systems on both the MES- and ERP-level
  • Continue governing the automation libraries
  • Satisfy the demand for location-specific functionalities
  • Function as a consultant to help determine the best solution


  • Standardized automation library that can be rolled-out internationally
  • Continued close cooperation between two industry leaders
  • Corporate Master MES library & plant Derived MES library
  • Easy-to-maintain architecture

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