Countless parts. One flow.


Always-on dairy production

A steady flow of milk in the Middle East

Almarai is the largest vertically-integrated dairy producer in the world. The conglomerate has more than 200,000 cows and systematically controls the entire process – from farm to table.

At the beginning of 2019, Almarai’s Maintenance Manager notified INDEFF that the SCADA-system in their Central Process and Packaging Plant 2 (CPP2) was end-of-life. Additionally, the 10+ years old Wonderware 3.0 system ran on obsolete physical servers.

Introducing full-on fault tolerance

Sure, updating the automation software on the physical servers would have been an easy fix. But it wouldn’t deliver on INDEFF’s main promise: continuous improvements of industrial efficiency. That’s why we proposed and built a virtual server environment that offers the highest possible availability: fault tolerance. 4 brand-new physical servers were fully synchronized to make sure that production processes could always continue without interruption.

Unmatched SCADA expertise

As always, our project started with a thorough technical analysis and careful resource planning. Only 3 months later, the renewed automation software and servers were factory- and site-accepted.

Smooth collaboration – backed by Stratus-experts

The challenge for our team – 5 dedicated automation engineers – consisted of implementing a large number of virtual machines while maintaining a good balance with the CPU-capacity of the servers. To achieve this result, we created a solution based on Stratus everRun.

Thanks to the strategic location of INDEFF’s Middle East office – located in the middle of Dubai Internet City – our team could count on fast and face-to-face support from HP, Cisco, and Stratus. As a result, our team was able to deliver on all its promises while simultaneously increasing operator productivity.


  • Replace redundant hardware and software with modern SCADA systems
  • Implement fault tolerance to prevent unforeseen downtime
  • Create a better user experience for operators


  • Simplify the automation software structure and create a virtual environment
  • Complete the project in a 3-month life cycle
  • Find the right balance between processing physical and virtual machines


  • Completed Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test
  • Successful integration of fault tolerance based on Stratus everRun
  • The start of a productive, long-term relationship between 2 innovative companies

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