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Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Accurate time management

The clock is ticking

For a Construction Equipment Manufacturer, it is highly important to keep track of time spent on the floor by each and every operator. The company in question still registered hours on paper, leading to unreliable analyses and performance indicators. Insufficient insight into time management – especially for a company that revolves around just-in-time delivery – resulted in a high variance of theoretical operation times, which, in turn, had a volatile effect on cost price calculations.

Making the most of each moment

Real-time insight into the registration of working hours: that is what an INDEFF Industrial Internet of Things solution offers. Additionally, operators have easy access to an overview of hours worked via the application on a tablet. This solution leads to outstanding performance calculation and a stabilized cost price calculation. Finally, thanks to the registration of unplanned downtimes, enriched operation information stimulates better performance.

Powered by ThingWorx

Our IIoT-solution is powered by the PTC ThingWorx IoT platform and is part of a range of connected manufacturing solutions offered by INDEFF on this platform. ThingWorx is the first software development platform designed for the needs of the connected world. It provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment – allowing organizations to rapidly create innovative and valuable solutions.

Production Line Monitoring

INDEFF Production Line Monitoring is a specialized tool, based on the celebrated ThingWorx platform. It offers a real-time overview of how much time is spent on operations, in general, and by individual operators. Complemented with input about why the equipment was down, or why certain parts were scrapped, INDEFF Production Line Monitoring offers an extensive information source to improve production performance. The concrete results? A dashboard where you can monitor OEE, availability, speed and quality of production.


  • Keep track of time spent on the floor
  • More accurate cost price calculations
  • Enriched operation information
  • Real-time overview of OEE, availability, speed and quality


  • Outdated time registration methods
  • Multiple plants, multiple locations


  • Detailed operation time tracking & work order progress visibility
  • Integration with ERP for automated work order distribution
  • Plant KPI’s at a glance
  • Downtime tracking and register cause

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